Perfect Christmas Gifts for your Boyfriend

Christmas is the perfect time for that make grooming gift you have been after getting him for ages. If you want that beard trimmed or a slightly more fragrant smelling man out of the shower, then we have the perfect gift on this list for your man. It’s all about male grooming these days and there is no reason you can’t get your boyfriend on that band wagon with one of these great gifts. 

Nivea Men Sensitive Care, £16 
Who doesn’t love a bit of Nivea on their man? This gift set is perfect for the gents with sensitive skin, and this is all about the skin care routine. In this set you’ve got shower gel, deodorant, face wash, post shave balm and crème. You can’t beat the smell of Nivea, and you can’t beat the perfect gift. 

Lynx Black Trip & Shower Speaker, £15
If the man in your life turns into a shower soloist whenever he is washing his hair, this is the perfect gift. In this set, you get anti-perspirant, bodywash and body spray. Oh, and don’t forget the cute little shower speaker, this really tops the gift off! It comes with a charging cable so you can keep singing in the shower until next Christmas! 

L’Oreal Men Expert Turbo Power 
If your man is always up late watching those series and morning coffee isn’t enough to get him perked up in the morning, this L’Oreal gift set is the one. The taurine in the shower gel is there to give you a wake-up call, and the moisturiser will give your skin a boost. It also comes with an eye roll on, for when that extra bit of soothing is needed. 

Johnny’s Chop Shop Beard Up, £16
The hipster beards need Christmas presents too and this gift set from Johnny’s Chop Shop will sort you right out. Beards are the thing at the moment, and they need looking after. In your kit you get beard shampoo, beard oil and a beard comb. This set will help any man achieve the silky-smooth beard they desire! 

Philips Series 9000 Wet & Dry Men’s Electric Shaver S9211/12 with Precision Trimmer, £200
Yeah, it’s pricey – but it’s so worth it for the perfect trim! At the moment in Boots, you can get £100 off, and if that isn’t a good deal, we don’t know what is. Wet or dry this beard trimmer has got your covered and the incredible reviews online speak for themselves. Proof of the perfect Christmas present!