Top Tips for Hiding the Christmas Party Hangover

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to stay relatively sober at the Christmas party, you somehow ended up at the vodka luge half the night and drinking 90% of the wine at the table. Stumbling precariously around the dancefloor in your not so comfortable heels and ending up vomiting in a fortunately placed disabled toilet. Sound familiar? You can deal with the embarrassing tales of last night’s antics if you aren’t feeling the hangover so hard. And you can cope with that important meeting much better if you look like you haven’t spent the night in a ditch. So, here are our top tips for hiding that Christmas party hangover.

Hydration is key when it comes to combatting the hangover. You will be fighting a losing battle if you aren’t taking on enough liquid. Up your water intake and maybe treat yourself to a sugary drink to replenish your strength – you are going to need it to get through the day.

Make sure you have eaten a good meal before you head out to celebrate. Lining your stomach really works, so don’t be shy and chow down! It’s also a good idea to eat something when you are enduring the hangover – bananas are supposed to be good at combatting the hangover, so hit up the fruit aisle before you head to the office in the morning!

Think before you drink
We all know you shouldn’t mix your drinks, and often that couple of glasses of bubbly at the champagne reception is the downfall of the Christmas party goer. Think about what you are drinking and try to stick to the same thing all night – either that, or drink everything and suffer the consequences in the morning. Either way!

Don’t get up at the last minute
Give yourself plenty of time to cover up the hangover before you try to make it to the office, an extra 10 minutes in bed aren’t going to help you now. You need to get up and have a cool shower to wake you up and to rinse off as much alcohol residue as possible. Make sure you have plenty of time to put your makeup on and make yourself look presentable. If there’s a tell-tale sign of a hangover, it’s when you come to the office with half of last night’s makeup smeared over your face and a false eyelash stuck in your fringe.

Outfit planning
Sort your outfit for the office the day before so you are ready to go in the morning. You don’t want to be stumbling into work in last night’s clothes, or worse, a pair of comfy shoes and a cardigan!